New to the Crooked Lane Farm Stage






August 5, 2021

We are delighted to be hosting Moving Parts; bringing to our stage Americana retro folk, modern folk, alt-country, and straight-up country music, as well as some original songs.

Moving Parts first started playing at the Winery, near Cashwise, in south Fargo. When that closed they moved over to the Sons of Norway Troll Lounge, which is kind of their home base. They have played at Junkyard Brewery, the Fargo Park District, and The Arts Partnership as well as private gatherings.

Michael Olsen and Charley Johnson played gigs in college (not together– Michael was at NDSU and Charley was at Concordia) but worked together in TV in the ’70s. They rekindled their friendship about 20 years ago.  When the Winery opened Charley, with co-workers Jeff Petrik and Lynn Trelstad, along with Lynn’s bro John, started playing at the Winery and became Tucker’d Out.  Charley, and his wife, Mary, would go listen and sometimes they’d invite them to sit in for a song or two.  At some point the Winery put out a call for more players, so Mary and Charley signed up. Charley called Michael to help fill out the sets, and it kind of grew from there. Previous “Parts” included singer and multi-instrumentalist Anna Mitchell and fiddle player and singer James Baxter Larson. Anna got too busy with family (although she came back and played with us at the Sons a couple of years ago) and James moved away. Michael’s daughter Randi Kay Olsen Heinold started playing and singing with us when she moved back to town, and Dakota Kate Henne joined the band about six years ago. Bassist Max Johnk has played with us some of late, and they hope he will be along at CLF.

Charley plays guitar and a little 5-string banjo, Michael plays guitar and 6-string banjo, Kate plays fiddle and mandolin, Randi plays guitar. Mary sings and plays some harmonicas. The rest of us sing, as well, and there’s some shaker, cowbell and tambourine action, depending on how they feel that night!