It’s Time To Rock ’n Roll!!!

July 8, 2021

It a BIG night at Crooked Lane farm!  

Start your evening at 6:00PM touring the amazing cars that are here for our annual car show.  Cars, old and new, from all over the area will be here to strut their stuff.  You will have the opportunity to vote on a variety of categories and cheer on your top picks.

The evening continues with the music of The Johnson 5.  Playing car show favorites from the 50s and 60s   with that surf music tempo.  The Johnson 5 come to us with a heap of car show entertaining experience including the Zorba’s Car Show.  Members of the band include members from The Front Fenders, Misadventures, and Sherwin Linton.  You can look for a mix of guitars and drums playing to ensure everyone is having a good time.

Tickets  $5.00