The Farm

Crooked Lane Farm has been a working farm in Brent’s family for over 100 years. It is recognized by the North Dakota Fort Mandan Foundation as a Century, or Centennial Farm. The new farmhouse constructed on the site of the original family home, now serves as classroom and gathering space, and the historic Schneider Barn, moved here in 2014 hosts weddings, reunions and a variety of community events. We are proud of our role in preserving the history of not only our farm, but of all North Dakota rural farm families.

The Barn

The Pole Barn

The Farmhouse

Lofty and doable.

Our Goals

Preserve Crooked Lane Farm and the heritage of the family farm in North Dakota.

Offer a learning environment that provides youth and adults opportunities to discover and engage in the arts and crafts that reflect the traditional values of our community.

Celebrate rural life and foster a connected community.